L.N.G. In Marine Propulsion



This paper reviews the reasons why the LNG is becoming the new fuel in marine propulsion, it illustrates how the LNG is employed on board and it analyse how it’s employment in the Hidrovía Paraguay Paraná region shall be implemented.

The experience can be very well extrapolated to other similar environments.

The first titles introduce certain specificity of the marine sector, for those not familiar with them.

A proposal of a Master Plan and the adoption of a regulation frame are introduced.

Finally, there is a guidance for the design of a prototype and an evaluation of the need for such a course of action.

Conclusions point out the opportunities derived from LNG in innovating with equipment and conducts that remain anchored in the past due to lack of adequate policies. It is up to us, respond to the requirement with a minimal reaction, or in use of our best capabilities, take the opportunity to move towards the state of the art of this technological era.



  • LNG is the global tendency, other means of propulsion less contaminant, do not offer adequate autonomy, are expensive or are far from being available in a commercial scale.
  • Riverine populations are the principal victims of the pollution resulting from the inland water navigation vessels. We have the means to avoid this damage.
  • We are being required to supply LNG to the vessels operating in our waters. We should not only satisfy this demand, but we should encourage it. It should become an advantage to sail our waters with a clean vessel.
  • The global change has been fundamentally motorized by the requirements in the international regulations. Let us not be naive believing that in our region we can attain such change without strong and strict regulations.
  • The way to start any LNG use program in our country must start with inland water pusher tugs. These are the simplest vessels where to adapt such technology, there is where we will learn, allowing us to incorporate this technology.
  • Argentina must take advantage of her privilege advantages on respect LNG.
  • It is important to produce prototypes to attain high efficiency in the design of the large series to come right after.



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