The list includes many leading shipowners, marine law firms, P&I Clubs, marine underwriters, etc. Among others, we can mention the following:

Antares Naviera, S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
AXA Seguros S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Axis Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
British Marine Managers Limited, London, U.K.
Charles Taylor & Co. LTD, London, U.K.
Cooper Brothers S.R.L., Lloyd's agents at Buenos Aires - Argentina
Crowley Marine Services, Asunción, PARAGUAY
Estado Mayor General de la Armada Argentina, Servicio de Transportes    Navales (Argentinean Navy, Naval Transportation Service).
Estudio Jorge P. Vivanco, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Isthmus Bureau Of Shipping S.A., Balboa, Panama.
Itaú Seguros S.A., São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Oceanmarine Mutual, Zaventem, Belgium.
Oceanmarine S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pandi Liquidadores, Buenos Aires - Argentina
Paradigma, Buenos Aires - Argentina
Ruggiero, Radovich & Fernandez , Buenos Aires, Argentina
Terra Nova Insurance Company Limited London, U.K.
The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Ltd, New Orleans, LO, USA
The London Steamship Owners Mutual Insurance Assoc. Ltd. London E1 8HQ
The Shipowners' Protection Ltd, London, U.K.
The Steamship Mutual Underwriting Assoc., London, U.K.
The UK Mutual Ins. Assoc., Ltd., bermuda, U.S.A.
UABL S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ultragas Limitada, Santiago de Chile, CHILE
Ultrapar S.A., Asunción, Paraguay.
Ultrapetrol S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Wisjsmuller Salvage and Towage Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina


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