Condition surveys
In the past years, P & I Clubs and H&M Underwriters, have been handling an increasing
number of Condition Survey reports to keep closer control of their fleet.
CONSULMAR is aware of the efforts done by our principals, to standardise
the inspection procedures, without restraining the surveyors ability to advice on specific deficiencies.
We have adjusted ourselves strictly to the guidances of each of our clients, issuing factual and consistent reports without sacrifice of their quality and without loosing initiative in reporting on relevant items not listed in the guidances.

Pre-purchase surveys
The decision to entrust a surveyor for inspections whilst a purchase is being negotiated involves a great deal of thought.
The surveyor must be reliable, with excellent skills in both machinery and structures. He must be keen to detect small details that can reveal important facts, or to profit of any opportunity to inspect spaces or elements that perhaps will be available only once during the negotiation.
Our experienced surveyors are highly educated in both structures and machinery, and have a long experience in repairing, managing and inspecting vessels.
They will give you a brief but consistent reports out of a quick preliminary inspection, followed by full detailed information, depending on your needs. Your requirements will be rigorously fulfilled.
In all cases strict confidentiality and quick response are granted.

Valuation surveys
CONSULMAR valuation services are internationally recognised in the shipping market. CONSULMAR associates have been appointed as appraisers in numerous cases. H&M insurers, P&I Clubs, owners, lawyers, and bankers have been addressees of CONSULMAR valuation services, which were rendered with a high standard of objectivity and professionalism.

More than 200 surveys of this type carried out.

Damages on board, either in hull or machinery, usually result on a costly experience for the owner.
The crew is involved in a stressing situation where many different measures and decisions have to be taken at the same time:
Repair works have to be minimized to reduce their cost. Repairs schedule has to be optimized to reduced loss of earnings.
The quality of the repairs must be controlled better than ever.
Formalities have to be neatly observed to smooth the claim to the insurance company and to avoid inconveniences with the authorities.
Finally the damage has to be not only repaired but neatly investigated, and ground has to be prepared for a likely litigation.

Our surveyors have a long experience in handling numerous situations like these, either from the owners, underwriters or workshop side.
They will assist your crew, or superintendent in successfully reaching the mentioned targets.
If requested, they will also advise on dealing with the local repairs market.
Our design department will assist to engineer the best solution for the repair if it is considered necessary.

More than 200 surveys of this type carried out, including:
Groundings / strandings
Contact damages
Fires / explosions
Sink / capsize
rough weather damages
Structural failures
Machinery failures
Propulsion and steering gear

The handling of heavy weights comprises a delicate sequence of steps, each of which must be treated with the same extreme care by dependable people.
CONSULMAR can offer the design and planning of the manoeuvre. The design of tailor made accessories like spreaders, slings arrangements cradles or any other fitting. We can also verify the vessel's structure if it is considered necessary.
A senior engineer with a broad experience will be assigned to advice and supervise the manoeuvre.
Class approval can be obtained, if requested, for any of the mentioned steps.

1300 MW combined cycle power plant for Lumut, Malaysia, loading of 225 tons main turbines at work shop in Sao Paulo for transportation down hill to the port of Santos. Supervision of the loading, securing and lashing on board the heavy lifters "Mirabella" and "Stellamare".
230/115/13.8 KVA Auto-transformers, three phases, liquid dielectric, they sustained damages during loading operations at the port of Buenos Aires, we held survey, ascertaining nature, extent and cause of damages and advised on the cost of repairs.
Hub river plant - Pakistan, loading of plant transformers and accessories including main transformers, of 380 MVA/500KV - 270 tons. This has been the heaviest loading ever carried out in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
M/V "Cecilia I", at Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Investigation of the rough weather damages to a complete turn key project, consisting in a gas processing plant shipped from Canada to Cañadón Alfa, Tierra del Fuego, that comprised approx. 1,100 tons of heavy equipment. Damages survey, supervising discharge and land transportation, and monitoring damages repairs, including advising and follow up of budgets.
Diving station, at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The vessel's air draught and cranes height, did not allow to use the approved slings and spreaders system in this port. We where appointed to design a new arrangement under A.B.S. class, for the lifting of this 750 tons equipment.
Heavy Water Plant, at Arroyito, Argentina. Reception of the whole set of gantry cranes in the plant at the request of Sulzer, Wintertour for the Argentinean Atomic Energy Commission. The supervision was based on the F.E.M. standards, and included electric performance, mechanical behaviour, alignments under load, assembly procedures, etc. The equipments included a 350 tons crane and its supporting structure 35 mts high. A 400 tons load test was carried out, and a 550 tons test was modelled upon clients request. Other cranes, including a 110 tons gantry crane, 67 mts high and another 135 tons 55 mts high, were inspected and similarly tested.
Containers gantry cranes: Three containers gantry quay cranes were dismantled from the Terminal 5 of the port of Buenos Aires by means of a floating crane, moved within the said port and installed in Terminals 1 & 2 CONSULMAR advised on, and supervised the operations.
Delta Queen, Mississippi paddle wheeler. While being loaded on a heavy lifter's deck, upon collapse of one of the supporting cradles, the vessel fall down and sunk. CONSULMAR was appointed to investigate the casualty, to supervise the refloating manoeuvres, to verify the design and construction of a new cradle and to supervise the loading manoeuvre.
Mississippi hopper tank barges up to 2500 Tons DWT, advised on the loading and lashing, supervised float-off operations, controlled discharged of barges, some stacked in up-side down position etc. Similar services carried out in many unloading operations.
River service push boats up to 500 GRT, advised on the loading, unloading and lashing, supervised discharge and float-off operations.
Yachts, we have as well directed and supervised the loading, lashing and unloading of large yachts on board ocean going vessels in several opportunities and for different clients.

Each tow is different and a specific approach is required depending on the towage type, and condition, the towing vessel, the route, etc.
We can offer our expertise supported by many successful tows, deep knowledge of the area, and wide experience with regularly towed sea-going barges. Our team can handle all the aspects of the preparation, including design if required, field work and approval handling.
Consulmar has assisted owners, underwriters and Salvage Co. as Salvage Masters or advisors, handling major salvage operations in Argentina and abroad.

Alianza G 4: Upon stranding in the Necochea coast, the barge was refloated under CONSULMAR's direction. Her bottom plating and structures resulted severely damaged. About 110 mts x 9 mts in starboard side and 30 mts x 9 mts in the port side missing. The owners decided to tow her to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and CONSULMAR studied and recommended measures to be taken before and during the towing, to minimise stresses and avoid the propagation of cracks. Alianza G4 was successfully delivered to the repair yard in Rio de Janeiro, in spite of the rough weather conditions encountered in the route.
Karinas: This Panamax bulk carrier was cut forward of the engine room bulkhead for conversion. The forward body was to be towed from Rio de Janeiro to Pakistan for scrap. The tow was prepared under our supervision, including the design and installation of a 10 mts height breakwater in the aftend cargo space of the vessel, which was open to the sea. The tow was successfully accomplished.

We carry out all sort of cargo surveys and investigations, related to quantity and condition, and for general, bulk and liquid cargoes.

Wire rods

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