Tank Barge m and 2500 t

– Basic design.

Paraná type barges, optimized for the Hidrovía Paraguay Paraná navigation conditions and complying with the Argentinean regulations (PNA).

They allow transportation of 5000 ton more per convoy in comparison to Mississippi type barges.


  • In consideration to the ports where they normally operate, the venting system is based in independent P/V valves for each tank.
  • The recommended pump is a vertical type, Byron Jackson, Barge Pump. This eliminates the pump room and machinery space, reducing weight and loss of cargo volume. If required, a protection structure for the motor can be provided.
  • The structure was designed to be built in 7 main blocks, 5 for the cargo tanks and 2 for the peak tanks. The structure is quasi symmetrical with respect to the centre line. The central tank allows for the simple assembly adjustments. Several blocks of the rake barge are identical to those of the box barges.
  • The firefighting system complies with the Argentinean regulations.
  • The double bottom and double hull comply with the Argentinean regulations (1 meter).

Optional Features

  • Pump and their driven engines can be installed underdeck.
  • The weight can be reduced employing corrugated decks instead of flat panels.
  • The number of tanks can be adjusted as required by the owners.

Local model of a section

Allows the design of critical components and points in the structure.

The images above show stresses and deformations for different cargo conditions.


General Model

Analysis of the “aground condition” on a sand bank.


General model: Load in the ends

General Model: Full cargo; check factors

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